Bloomette  Fleuriste

/bluːmɛt  flœ.ʁist/ 

bloom means a blossom , -ette used to form nouns meaning the female equivalent of, and fleuriste is a person who sells flowersBloomette Fleuriste is an online based florist dedicated to bloom every special moment of our customer. We offer unique bouquets and artsy decorable gifts for your loved ones.

Bloomette founded in 2017 by Indah Chrisninda. Graduate as a Petroleum Engineer, never stop her to chase her dream to become a designer. Flower adorn her path to become flower designer of Bloomette Fleuriste. Flower Reminds her that: "As flowers bloom so do you bloom when the time is right".


Keira Fleur Workshop
12-13 April 2019
Bridal Bq Workshop & Photo Styling
30 March 2019
1:1 with Irene&flowers
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Keira Fleur Workshop

12-13 April 2019